What Tools Can You Use To Boost Your Vitality?

Fitbit Charge HR

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn We live in a rather amazing age, where there are tools to measure just about anything you’d like to measure in your life. Calorie counters, heart rate monitors, and more line the shelves of sporting goods and health stores, and there are probably a million ways…

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Is Your Fitness Truly Functional?

child vaulting a batr.

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Last night, in the UFC, Conor McGregor put away reigning Featherweight champion Jose Aldo in a whopping 13 seconds.  Yeah, it wasn’t even funny.  And there’s been a lot of talk, as a result, about the training regimen that McGregor has been undergoing at the hands…

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What Healthy Foods Should You Eat More Of?

Yakitori Chicken Livers

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As I’ve pointed out on my Links page, I’m a big fan of the website Mark’s Daily Apple.  Mark Sisson has a way of breaking down all the Paleo/Primal lifestyle facets into easy-to-digest (pun completely and utterly intended) chunks and presenting them in a way that…

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Suspension Trainer: a Simple (but Hard) Workout

Suspension Trainer

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn It’s not often that a workout tool is easy and hard all at once, but one of my favorites, the suspension trainer, certainly fits that bill. Witness ye all… the Suspension Trainer. A suspension trainer really couldn’t be simpler.  It’s a piece of webbing with some…

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