Recovery Boosting After a Tough Workout

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn One of the biggest challenges in working out, no matter what the workout type, is recovery. As I said in my  post-World’s Toughest Mudder hangover post, I did a pretty good Obstacle Course Race-specific workout a couple of weekends ago.  I have since hurt my Achilles tendon…

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Injury Strikes: How Do You Respond?


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Let’s face it.  Injuries just suck. Man, do I hate to have my plans interrupted because of injury… but who doesn’t?  It’s frustrating, debilitating, throws off schedules and plans, and more.  And of course, there’s the pain factor, too.  That’s not a great thing at all.…

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Post Worlds Toughest Mudder Hangover

Tough Mudder

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn This is going to be a slightly different post today, sort of a journal of what I did and felt this weekend.  Because a couple of things happened this weekend that were awesome and made me consider my training and lifestyle pretty seriously.  And it involves…

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Find The Hidden Gym in Your Neighborhood

Crawling on a curb.

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn One of the things that I frequently hear from people about their workout routines and the difficulty they have with them is that “it’s too hard to get to the gym.”  There’s this mindset that the only place they can work out is in the sterile…

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