Join Us For #OCRChat on Twitter


Join us at tomorrow for #OCRChat on Twitter!

Last Thursday, I talked a little bit about #OCRChat – and how we’re going to start using it for organized, moderated Twitter chats again.

Right now, we’re scheduling for Tuesdays at 17:00 UTC/GMT – for folks like me in the US, that means noon EST.

Hope you’ll join us. I’ll probably have a couple of questions to start everyone chatting and then open the floor to folks who want to add stuff or ask their own questions.

I think this is going to be focused mostly toward new people in the OCR community this time, with ways to get started, what to expect from races, and more stuff like that.  We can have topics fly around all over the place, though.  I’m happy to talk about whatever!

Drop me a line if you have suggestions:

Email –

Twitter:  jfellrath

Or comment below!