Do You Let Others’ Attitudes Get You Down?

Van Gogh Quote

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Let’s talk a bit, now, about the resistance you might receive from others when you take on your obstacle course race (OCR) journey.  And there’s going to be a lot, I hate to say it.  But your attitudes are the most important things, and you can defeat…

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Tri-State Racers – Get Your MudManX Coupon Code!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Attention, all you tri-staters!  Kevin LaPlatney, race director of the MudManX race in New Windsor, NY, is offering up a 20% discount for entry to their May 21 race for all Mudlife Crisis readers! That’s right, enter their Tri-State race for 20% off.  Just use the coupon…

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All This Week: The #Essentialife Summit

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn When was the last time you sat back and really examined your lifestyle, to see just how well you’re doing with healthy living? I’m talking exercise, diet, sleep, stress management, avoiding toxins and poisons, the whole gamut, here. Probably been a while, hasn’t it?  Well, then…

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