Who Wants to Rekindle #OCRChat?

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Witness my mad Photoshop skillz…

One of the real benefits of social media is to help people get their questions answered on a number of topics, and one of the most effective and public ways to do so is the Twitter hashtag chat.  By including a hashtag word in your tweet, it can be easily searched for by Twitter users (not just Twitter, obviously, but this is the most common place that hashtags are used) and by announcing a time for a chat people can be ready to ask questions, share answers, and more.  And the hashtag we’re talking about today is #OCRChat.

A Mudlife Crisis reader who goes by the Twitter handle of @TheGingerBack was asking me if there was a regular Twitter chat for OCR newbies.

And I responded with this, after a quick search to see if it was still being used:

It appears that although people are still using #OCRChat to discuss Obstacle Course Racing in general, there is not a set time for doing a chat where you have a moderator asking questions and collecting the answers, and helping to push the discussion along.

It’s a great idea.  Obstacle Course Racing is growing with leaps and bounds, and there are new people who are shunning collecting stuff and instead looking to create life-long experiences with this opportunity every day.  But, as with any new endeavor, there will always be questions asked. And even though there are plenty of websites and blogs that are trying to help people with this task (Cough… cough…Mudlife Crisis…Cough 🙂 ) there are specific questions that a blog post might not get into. And let’s face it, sometimes it’s good to get multiple opinions.

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So I’m proposing that we rekindle #OCRChat and have regularly scheduled chats every couple of weeks.  I have never hosted/moderated a Twitter Chat before, but after a conversation with @TheGingerBack and @iamobstacleman I’m more than happy to give it a try.

Let’s throw out a time:  I’m going to propose moderated #OCRChat chats on Tuesdays at noon, EST (17:00 UTC/GMT). That’d be early for the the west coast, I realize, and I’m happy to try to adjust that.

My thinking:  too late at night and we lose Europe.  Too early in the morning and we lose the west coast of the US all together.  And… I’m available at noon on Tuesdays to run this thing.  Now if someone else has a better time for everyone and the ability to run the chat, I am happy to help out and spread the word, and help answer questions, but my ability to do the actual chat is diminished.

Also, I want to do a weekday chat. Weekends… well, that’s race time, right? 🙂

So, thoughts?  Share below, on Twitter, or wherever you would like to get hold of me!