Introducing: The Mudlife Crisis Forum

One of the greatest things about obstacle course racing is the team building aspect of it – not just formal teams, but the camaraderie that happens when you’re on the race course and suddenly that dude next to you is the one hauling you up over  a wall, or giving you a boost out of that mud pit. You then help him on the next obstacle, and suddenly you’ve got this bond with a guy you’ve never seen before, you may never see again, but you’ll always remember somewhere in your psyche.  And that’s my goal for the Team Mudlife Crisis forum.

Team Mudlife Crisis Forum

Team Mudlife Crisis is live! Click on the Forum link and join the discussion!

Yeah, I’m introducing a forum for the site.  For those of you who are techies, this is going to be a simple phpBB forum – right now there are no frills or anything about it. I really want to create a place where everyone can get together and talk about the challenges and benefits of this lifestyle for folks who are our age – forties and above.  And most importantly, I want it to be a place where we can support each other, help each other out, and hopefully even set up some teams and such for various races, workout groups, and more.

The ongoing link for it will be at the far right of the menu, above.

We’ll be splitting it up into the same categories that we use here on the site:  Philosophy, Movement, Food, Family, Community, and Races.  I’ve got an announcement post in each category that explains what I think the main theme of each category should be, but obviously I want to let this thing evolve naturally! If we find the need to move things around and/or create new forums, so be it.  I want this to be a place where you folks can share and learn and make friends, etc.

Registration is easy – just fill out the form, click on the email response you’ll get from the forum, and you’re in. I’ll get rid of spammers and such as much as I can – but if someone’s offering a service/site that makes sense in context, I will let it go. Mostly I’m looking at avoiding bots and auto-spammers and the like.

We’ll keep the rules simple.  To quote Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure: “Be excellent to each other.” And the following rules, too.

I really hope that this can be a place where we can all support each other and learn from each other – and even get some discussion going about creating Mudlife Crisis teams all over the world!  Teams and community are one of the best things about OCR, and I’d love for us to have a piece of that!