Does Dehydration Ruin Your Sleep?

drinking water avoids dehydration

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Yeah, it’s kind of another sleep post, but only because I’m really realizing just how important this is and just how much my sleep has, to be very frank, sucked. But this time it’s in reference to another factor that I sort of stumbled upon recently…

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OCRChat – Race Nutrition Unpacked!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn We had yet another great #OCRChat session today with Chad from Obstacle Racing Media! Today’s topic was race nutrition – pre-race, nutrition during a race, and the post-race feast favorites. Come check out what everyone had to say, and we hope to see you with us…

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Supercharge Your Meditation with HoloSync


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I’ve not been good with meditation in the past. I’ve tried a few methods, such as guided meditations, but I have a very active mind and it’s hard for me to not get frustrated with the constant having to resettle myself and clear out. And yes,…

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OCRChat – Most Failed Obstacles!

Most Failed Obstacles - #OCRChat

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Today’s #OCRChat was a great one – Chad Perkins from Obstacle Racing Media and I talked about tips for overcoming two of the biggest “fail” obstacles from Obstacle Course Racing:  The Spartan Race spear throw and rope climbs! We had lots of great discussion today, with…

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How Television Sabotages Actual Health Progress

Jack Lalanne

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn My wife and I caught a new television show last night that was just called Strong. It seemed pretty good – the contestants were ten women who wanted to lose weight, and ten trainers. Each contestant picked one of the trainers to…well…train them for the duration of the show,…

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