Team Mudlife Crisis

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Author:  Josten@74 [ Tue Oct 24, 2017 3:35 pm ]

Using in-class exercises, and take-home assignments this course focuses
on the nuts and bolts of creating narrative fiction, such as point of view, characterisation, structure, theme and creating scenes through dialogue.
You will look at ways to build writing into your lifestyle, and the process of editing and rewriting. You will also have fun with words, and create a deconstruction/collage piece. There is an opportunity to workshop, enabling you to feel comfortable sharing your work, as well as benefiting from valuable feedback.
You will work towards a final piece of 1-2,000 words, to read at the final class during a night of readings. Students who wish to continue with their creative writing in a supportive environment, may choose to graduate to the Literary Kitchen Writers Workout.

“This course makes you think and believe in yourself - and is fun to boot. It is brilliantly structured, and the group and peer-to-peer feedback is really helpful when it comes to developing stories and character arcs. I feel much more confident about my writing.”

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