#OCRChat – Post-race Recovery Unpacked!

OCRChat ice bath

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Today’s #OCRChat dove into the world of post-race recovery.  We talked food, drinks, activities, therapeutic stuff, and even a little bit of gear talk in these matters! Learned some stuff, shared some stuff, and marveled at some of the things we’re able to do. Even age-related…

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OCRChat – Most Failed Obstacles!

Most Failed Obstacles - #OCRChat

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Today’s #OCRChat was a great one – Chad Perkins from Obstacle Racing Media and I talked about tips for overcoming two of the biggest “fail” obstacles from Obstacle Course Racing:  The Spartan Race spear throw and rope climbs! We had lots of great discussion today, with…

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This Week’s #OCRChat: How OCR Differs from Place to Place


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn This week’s #OCRChat was again a great one!  Chad from Obstacle Racing Media and I were talking about racing and training in different regions of the country, some of the challenges and benefits of the different areas!  Much less structured a chat than we’ve had, but…

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