#OCRChat – What Motivates You?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn We got pretty deep during today’s #OCRChat when we delved into the subject of motivation – and what exactly it is that gets us out to race, to train regularly, and to always put out best selves forward. And I think we all learned that it’s really a…

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#OCRChat – Post-race Recovery Unpacked!

OCRChat ice bath

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Today’s #OCRChat dove into the world of post-race recovery.  We talked food, drinks, activities, therapeutic stuff, and even a little bit of gear talk in these matters! Learned some stuff, shared some stuff, and marveled at some of the things we’re able to do. Even age-related…

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#OCRChat – Unconventional Training!

OCRChat Slackline

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn What a great #OCRChat we had today – we pulled out all the stops to talk about unconventional training techniques and we came up quite a few once things got rolling. Some, like slackline, car tire workouts, Bulgarian Bags, and a couple others required equipment; while…

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#OCRChat – How Has OCR Changed Your Life?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Today we went a different way with our regular Twitter #OCRChat and talked a bit about how Obstacle Course Racing has changed our lives. We got into fitness regimens, diet and nutrition, community and social factors, and general outlook on life. It was pretty insightful! Join…

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