More New OCR Racer Mistakes – Obstacles (Part 2)


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Last Thursday, we talked about some of the basic endurance mistakes that folks who are new to obstacle course racing make. And let me tell you, overcoming that mistake is a big key to getting through a race more easily and with less pain. Enjoyment will…

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Running Your First OCR: Timed or Team?

Mud Ninja team

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn It’s the New Year, and people are making decisions about which OCR races to run this season, their goals, and planning for training and the like. And when you’re making those decisions, one of the most important things to think about is the level at which you want…

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Five More Movements to Get You Ready for an OCR

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Monday, we talked about how the ten best exercises for you to start training for your first Obstacle Course Race (OCR).  And it was a pretty solid list, but probably not anything you hadn’t read before.  Pretty standard stuff. Well, that changes today, and the reason for…

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Five Exercises to Get You Started Training for an OCR

walking lunges

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The past couple of weeks, I’ve been getting back into the hard-core swing of things as regards my workouts – creating the plan and getting myself back into the regular morning habit of a good, tough workout. Now, I’m a dad.  I work a full-time job.…

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5 Ways Being Fat-Adapted Makes You A Better Racer

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn One of the big challenges of being an OCR (Obstacle Course Race) racer is fueling yourself.  This is less an issue in the shorter races (the 5K variety, like the Spartan Sprints, Warrior Dash, and most of the one-off races), but even then it’s nice to be able…

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