First week complete

I’m now on day 9 of my 21-Day Sugar Detox and things are continuing to go well.  I’ve completed two goals thus far – first, just to complete this challenge and get rid of the sugar cravings that were affecting me; and second, to increase the amount of vegetables I’ve been eating overall.  I’ve been having veggies with every meal and even started eating Granny Smith apples again as a snack.  So all in all, I am very pleased with how things are going.

A lot of the hunger I reported in the last post has gone the way of the dodo.  There’s a little bit there, but for the most part it’s trailed off.  I find that this Paleo reset/detox has been easier than past ones – perhaps because I’ve been a fat-burner in the past and it’s easier for my body to return to that energy-use method.  I suppose it’s similar to the idea that the body that’s been in shape before has an easier time returning to being in shape than one that has never been in shape  does to getting in shape the first time.

Another indication that this is going quickly is that I had a stuffed up head this morning – possibly due to some inflammation from an ingredient I ate yesterday.  Some Sargento cheese seems to have crept onto the meatza I had for dinner last night and this morning I was plugged up pretty badly upon waking.  The run cleared it up some, and some peppermint oil has helped to blast out the blockage.  It’s mostly gone now.  Some people would be upset that they couldn’t eat things like that any more, but I’m pleased – it means my body is telling me what is crap and shouldn’t be in it it!

I’ve started some morning runs this week to get my feet used to the pounding of running as I approach Tough Mudder Chicago in early May.  And I’m feeling really good during them.  They’re just short right now, but there’s no issue with soreness and only a slight blister problem related to the Vibram FiveFingers KSO’s I’m wearing (my brother gave me a pair he wasn’t wearing and like any shoe, there’s a break-in period).  I probably should switch to the ones I’ll be wearing at the race, anyway, which is the Spyridon LS – a more all-terrain model. I really want to avoid that because I don’t want to wear the tread down, but perhaps in this case it’d be better.

So a little less information today as we’re finishing week one and heading into week two, but I’m going strong on Day 9 here and all is well.