All This Week: The #Essentialife Summit

When was the last time you sat back and really examined your lifestyle, to see just how well you’re doing with healthy living? I’m talking exercise, diet, sleep, stress management, avoiding toxins and poisons, the whole gamut, here. Probably been a while, hasn’t it?  Well, then you need #Essentialife.

I’ve joined with three friends of mine:  Rachael Strickland, Joyce Slaughter, and Jenny Jones to bring you a series of Periscope talks this coming week on just those topics.  We’ll be scoping every day this week at 6:00 PM except today – Rachael will be starting things off today at 1:30 PM with an introduction.  Tuesday and Thursday, Rachael will be covering reducing your toxic load while Joyce covers healthy diet.  Wednesday and Friday, Jenny will be covering stress and sleep/rest, and I’ll take on exercise and movement.  I know – SURPRISE!

If you’re not familiar with Periscope, check it out at the link above.  Periscope is basically a way for people with a Twitter account to have a video broadcast where they can talk about any topic they choose – and their viewers can comment with questions via text chat, which the “Scoper” sees on the screen while they’re talking.  There’s a slight delay, obviously, but it’s a great way to get to know people online and to share your knowledge of pretty much any topic you want. I’ve been using it to introduce my plans for the week as well as just to get on and shoot the breeze from time to time.  It’s similar to Meerkat, if you’ve ever used that, but having it attached to Twitter really makes it more functional, in my rarely-so-humble opinion.

It’s available for both iPhone and Android, and you can also view people’s “Scopes,” as they’re known among the cool kids, on a person’s Periscope page – but the last time I checked you couldn’t type your comments and questions via the web.  So if you have a smartphone, get the app.

I’ll be collecting the days’ Scopes right here on this post, via – a site that archives Scopes (because they normally are only stored on the actual Periscope site for 24 hours).

Keep coming back, I’ll let you know via Twitter and Facebook when I’ve updated the page each day!