Falling On Your Face in the Mud Reduces Stress

Walk the Plank

Is it possible participating in obstacle course racing is helping you deal with stress? I think most regular OCR athletes would answer that with a resounding “yes.” Another podcast-inspired post today, this time from the Fat-Burning Man podcast. Host Abel James was interviewing Dr. Pedram Shojai, who I have mentioned…

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Make Your Veggies Easier to Eat

salad greens

Over the past week, I’ve been working with a seven-day program created by Dr. Pedram Shojai, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and the founder of Well.org, one of my favorite health websites.  Dr. Shojai has recently released his book The Urban Monk: Eastern Wisdom and Modern Hacks to Stop Time…

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Do You Let Others’ Attitudes Get You Down?

Van Gogh Quote

Let’s talk a bit, now, about the resistance you might receive from others when you take on your obstacle course race (OCR) journey.  And there’s going to be a lot, I hate to say it.  But your attitudes are the most important things, and you can defeat the attitudes of others.…

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