Avoiding screens: can it boost vision?

Squinty Jamie

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn For the past few years, I’ve discovered that my vision has been slowly going downhill. I’m becoming farsighted to the point where I need glasses to read most books and stuff on my iPhone, and sometimes even just to work on my computer at my job.…

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Who’s Up for a Little Parkour?

Parkour is for everyone!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As I said at the beginning of the MovNat episode on the Being James Bond podcast a few months ago, I’ve always wanted to be Tarzan.  I’ve been fascinated by the ability to use your body to get places and overcome obstacles.  That, obviously, is what led…

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Why Not Feeling Your Age is a Good Thing

Don't act your age!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As I’ve mentioned before, I listen to a lot of podcasts.  Case in point: this morning I was listening to Lewis Howes‘s The School of Greatness podcast, and it struck me that I, as a 46-year-old guy, was listening to advice from someone who’s 32, and…

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