#OCRChat – Unconventional Training!

OCRChat Slackline

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn What a great #OCRChat we had today – we pulled out all the stops to talk about unconventional training techniques and we came up quite a few once things got rolling. Some, like slackline, car tire workouts, Bulgarian Bags, and a couple others required equipment; while…

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Compression Gear: Worth the Hype?

Compression Socks

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn There are a ton of tools that runners, obstacle racers, and other endurance athletes either absolutely swear by or get downright irate and nearly irrationally negative about when it comes to training and performance. Diet (high-carb or low-carb? Vegetarian or omnivorous?). Stretching (before, after, or at…

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The Fitbit Community – Jump on Today!

Fitbit Community

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Nothing boosts the achievement and stick-to-it-iveness of goals and New Year’s Resolutions than community and accountability.  Having a fantastic group of people around you who push you, keep on you, and support you when your resolve is flagging, and high-five you when you have a big…

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What Tools Can You Use To Boost Your Vitality?

Fitbit Charge HR

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn We live in a rather amazing age, where there are tools to measure just about anything you’d like to measure in your life. Calorie counters, heart rate monitors, and more line the shelves of sporting goods and health stores, and there are probably a million ways…

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