MovNat for Tough Mudder!

The Tough Mudder race has been releasing its newest bunch of obstacles via video recently, and there are some doozies coming for us this year!  They started the hype in early January with this video:

and pumped up the volume a bit with this:

And now, videos for all the new obstacles have been released. And as a big natural movement proponent, I can say with pretty fair regard that I still think the best preparation for a race like this is a philosophy like MovNat.

Here’s a prime example of why:  witness the new obstacle “Funky Monkey 2.0” in the following clip. Pay careful attention to the techniques used by the racers in the video.

Lots of struggling and disjointed technique to be seen here. Wasted effort seems to abound, which leads to fatigue and the inability to complete the obstacle.  You can see a similar situation on this new obstacle, the Dead Ringer:

Then look at this technique from MovNat: the Side Swing Traverse.

The MovNat-er in question here is Erwan Le Corre, the founder of the movement (pun totally unintended).  Le Corre naturally makes this look easy, but you can also see that it’s just a matter of practicing using your momentum to carry you forward.  Doing the movement like this makes the whole thing into a matter of simple timing and grip strength.

Let’s look at another obstacle for 2015: the Birth Canal.

I would suggest that perhaps this movement from MovNat might be a good answer:

You could then use your hands to push the liquid out of the way as you push yourself through with your legs.  Granted, this one will take some testing once at the race to see how it all works, but the concept is sound, I think.

But here’s the real crux of the situation: many, if not MOST, of these obstacles that will be attempted will have elements that can be handled with efficient movement – and MovNat is all about the most efficient and natural ways to move.  Sure, some of them are going to be movements that we don’t have in nature per se, but by having a base of movement that is as efficient as possible (and with enough practice within those movements that strength is built in doing them) we will use less energy and move more quickly through the obstacles in question.

So check out MovNat as a mode of training for the Tough Mudder and other races.  I think you’ll be very surprised at just how effective it can be.