Introducing: The Mudlife Crisis Forum

Team Mudlife Crisis Forum

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn One of the greatest things about obstacle course racing is the team building aspect of it – not just formal teams, but the camaraderie that happens when you’re on the race course and suddenly that dude next to you is the one hauling you up over…

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Running Your First OCR: Timed or Team?

Mud Ninja team

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn It’s the New Year, and people are making decisions about which OCR races to run this season, their goals, and planning for training and the like. And when you’re making those decisions, one of the most important things to think about is the level at which you want…

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The Fitbit Community – Jump on Today!

Fitbit Community

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Nothing boosts the achievement and stick-to-it-iveness of goals and New Year’s Resolutions than community and accountability.  Having a fantastic group of people around you who push you, keep on you, and support you when your resolve is flagging, and high-five you when you have a big…

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