Why We Don’t Change for the Better

Okay, this post is probably going to rankle a few people. And that’s okay – the idea here is to open minds and to make folks think a little differently. The goal is to make people change their thought processes, and to make them realize that we can all change…

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How Television Sabotages Actual Health Progress

Jack Lalanne

My wife and I caught a new television show last night that was just called Strong. It seemed pretty good – the contestants were ten women who wanted to lose weight, and ten trainers. Each contestant picked one of the trainers to…well…train them for the duration of the show, and the show was…

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When Progress Sneaks Up On You

the sky is the limit

Progress is a tricky thing. Sometimes we can track it with numbers – race times, distance run, weight lifted, number of reps completed, etc.  And sometimes it’s more nebulous than that. When you’re a movement-based person like I am, who doesn’t so much “work out” as much as I go…

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