#OCRChat – How Has OCR Changed Your Life?

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Today we went a different way with our regular Twitter #OCRChat and talked a bit about how Obstacle Course Racing has changed our lives. We got into fitness regimens, diet and nutrition, community and social factors, and general outlook on life. It was pretty insightful! Join…

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Does Dehydration Ruin Your Sleep?

drinking water avoids dehydration

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Yeah, it’s kind of another sleep post, but only because I’m really realizing just how important this is and just how much my sleep has, to be very frank, sucked. But this time it’s in reference to another factor that I sort of stumbled upon recently…

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Make Your Veggies Easier to Eat

salad greens

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Over the past week, I’ve been working with a seven-day program created by Dr. Pedram Shojai, a Doctor of Oriental Medicine and the founder of Well.org, one of my favorite health websites.  Dr. Shojai has recently released his book The Urban Monk: Eastern Wisdom and Modern…

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Ditch the Labels for Better Health


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Labels. They’re everywhere. Everyone seems to want to give themselves a little label to identify themselves: conservative or liberal; Christian, Muslim, Atheist, Pagan, Hindu; hipster, yuppie, dink; introvert or extrovert; DC or Marvel. It’s almost how we try to define ourselves. And there’s no doubt that…

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