Do You Let Others’ Attitudes Get You Down?

Van Gogh Quote

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Let’s talk a bit, now, about the resistance you might receive from others when you take on your obstacle course race (OCR) journey.  And there’s going to be a lot, I hate to say it.  But your attitudes are the most important things, and you can defeat…

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Find The Hidden Gym in Your Neighborhood

Crawling on a curb.

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn One of the things that I frequently hear from people about their workout routines and the difficulty they have with them is that “it’s too hard to get to the gym.”  There’s this mindset that the only place they can work out is in the sterile…

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“Why Would You WANT To?

Be Strong To Be Helpful

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The first time you tell someone that you’re training for an obstacle course race, you generally get one of two attitudes about it:  those who think it’s awesome or even just impressive, and those who don’t get the attraction.  And that’s fine.  Not everyone is into OCR.…

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