What Healthy Foods Should You Eat More Of?

Yakitori Chicken Livers

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn As I’ve pointed out on my Links page, I’m a big fan of the website Mark’s Daily Apple.  Mark Sisson has a way of breaking down all the Paleo/Primal lifestyle facets into easy-to-digest (pun completely and utterly intended) chunks and presenting them in a way that…

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Coffee-Plus: It’s What’s For Breakfast!

Morning Cup of Coffe

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Coffee:  it makes life worth living, right? Okay, that’s obviously a silly overstatement.  But most of the research coming in recently about coffee indicates that it’s a healthy addition to the diet – lots of antioxidants, great for the brain, helps to increase insulin sensitivity, and…

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How Surrender Can Get You What You Want

White Flag

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Seems ridiculous, doesn’t it? Giving up will get you what you want? It doesn’t make a lick of sense… until you reconsider what Surrender actually can mean. Okay, this post is going to delve into topics that some people may consider a little “woo-woo,” but those people…

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5 Ways Being Fat-Adapted Makes You A Better Racer

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn One of the big challenges of being an OCR (Obstacle Course Race) racer is fueling yourself.  This is less an issue in the shorter races (the 5K variety, like the Spartan Sprints, Warrior Dash, and most of the one-off races), but even then it’s nice to be able…

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Natural Born Heroes: The Primer on Being Strong to Be Useful

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Back before World War I, a French navy officer named Georges Hébert was present at the eruption of Mount Pelée on the island of Martinique.  There, he witnessed the disaster and what he considered too much needless death due to the accident.  And it had nothing…

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