Running Your First OCR: Timed or Team?

Mud Ninja team

It’s the New Year, and people are making decisions about which OCR races to run this season, their goals, and planning for training and the like. And when you’re making those decisions, one of the most important things to think about is the level at which you want to participate. And I’m not talking…

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Post Worlds Toughest Mudder Hangover

Tough Mudder

This is going to be a slightly different post today, sort of a journal of what I did and felt this weekend.  Because a couple of things happened this weekend that were awesome and made me consider my training and lifestyle pretty seriously.  And it involves the World’s Toughest Mudder…

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Have You Been Initiated into Adulthood?

Feeling good halfway through the race!

Two weekends ago, I completed my latest Mud Ninja race.  And though it wasn’t my most successful race as far as obstacle completion and time go, it was a complete success from a level that I didn’t even consider at the time, but was a lesson I realized a few days…

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July 4th OCR Deals – Check Them Out

Sorry for being a day late on this one, but this morning I was looking through my Twitter feed (and if you’re on Twitter, I’ve put together a List with updates from great races and OCR resources, I’d love if you’d follow it!) and came across a whole bunch of specials…

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