Obstacle Racing: All Kids Should Do It

Mud Ninja American Ninja Warrior obstacle

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I know I’ve mentioned it before, but one of my favorite races I run every year is the Mud Ninja race here in Ohio. It’s local, it supports autism charities, it’s super-family-friendly, and most importantly it’s super fun! The 2016 incarnation of this race was late…

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Feeling the Flow State: A New Racer’s Perspective

Flow State

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Since starting to do the weekly #OCRChat on Twitter a few months ago, I’ve been chatting with a fellow named Johnny Stinson, a budding obstacle racer from Ontario. He told me about how he was looking forward to doing his first Spartan Race and was voraciously gathering information…

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First Spartan Race Complete! And…wow.

Spartan Race

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn That’s right, I feel like I’ve claimed more legitimacy in the Obstacle Course Racing world after taking on one of the granddaddies of the sport:  The Spartan Race.  As I mentioned last week, yesterday I took part my first Spartan Sprint at The Wilds outside of Zanesville, Ohio,…

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Compression Gear: Worth the Hype?

Compression Socks

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn There are a ton of tools that runners, obstacle racers, and other endurance athletes either absolutely swear by or get downright irate and nearly irrationally negative about when it comes to training and performance. Diet (high-carb or low-carb? Vegetarian or omnivorous?). Stretching (before, after, or at…

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