The Gong Show Way to Make Yourself Better


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Paging Chuck Barris… no, in all seriousness, this has nothing to do with the actual Gong Show (thank goodness – I really don’t want to go through the Unknown Comic and his cohorts again).  It has everything to do with setting goals that are going to…

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Obstacle Racing: All Kids Should Do It

Mud Ninja American Ninja Warrior obstacle

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I know I’ve mentioned it before, but one of my favorite races I run every year is the Mud Ninja race here in Ohio. It’s local, it supports autism charities, it’s super-family-friendly, and most importantly it’s super fun! The 2016 incarnation of this race was late…

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Work Out With Your Kids

Dad and son workout

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn “What?” you say?  “Work out with my kids? Jamie’s lost it!” And while that may be true (Hah!), that’s not the case with today’s post about how to work out with your kids and what can happen with it! Saturday morning, I was planning on doing…

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Movement and its Impact on Your Kids

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I’ve mentioned before that I think one of the greatest reasons to take on obstacle course racing is the effect it will have on your kids. I absolutely believe that, and I’m hardly the only one.  Check out the video below and pay close attention to…

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You’re Not The Only One Who Benefits

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Kids are fantastic.  They’re full of energy, joy, excitement, and adventure.  Unfortunately, what frequently happens is that we as parents are too tired or out of shape to join them on their quests for fun and learning.  And that rubs off on the kids. Or we…

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