Falling On Your Face in the Mud Reduces Stress

Walk the Plank

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Is it possible participating in obstacle course racing is helping you deal with stress? I think most regular OCR athletes would answer that with a resounding “yes.” Another podcast-inspired post today, this time from the Fat-Burning Man podcast. Host Abel James was interviewing Dr. Pedram Shojai,…

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Do You Let Others’ Attitudes Get You Down?

Van Gogh Quote

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Let’s talk a bit, now, about the resistance you might receive from others when you take on your obstacle course race (OCR) journey.  And there’s going to be a lot, I hate to say it.  But your attitudes are the most important things, and you can defeat…

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What Do I Do to Hack My Sleep?

Fitbit Sleep Chart

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Back on Christmas, I received a Fitbit Charge HR from my parents and love the thing (I talked about that a bit here).  I love being able to track my daily steps, my average heart rate, activity minutes, etc.  But one of the most valuable things…

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What Tools Can You Use To Boost Your Vitality?

Fitbit Charge HR

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn We live in a rather amazing age, where there are tools to measure just about anything you’d like to measure in your life. Calorie counters, heart rate monitors, and more line the shelves of sporting goods and health stores, and there are probably a million ways…

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