Why We Don’t Change for the Better

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Okay, this post is probably going to rankle a few people. And that’s okay – the idea here is to open minds and to make folks think a little differently. The goal is to make people change their thought processes, and to make them realize that…

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It’s Winter – Take Off Your Coat


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn In between listening to David Bowie songs today (he passed away last night, leaving a large hole in my musical life), I actually had time to listen to a couple of podcasts.  One of those was Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement episode about movement in winter (here’s the…

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Find The Hidden Gym in Your Neighborhood

Crawling on a curb.

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn One of the things that I frequently hear from people about their workout routines and the difficulty they have with them is that “it’s too hard to get to the gym.”  There’s this mindset that the only place they can work out is in the sterile…

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Movement and its Impact on Your Kids

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I’ve mentioned before that I think one of the greatest reasons to take on obstacle course racing is the effect it will have on your kids. I absolutely believe that, and I’m hardly the only one.  Check out the video below and pay close attention to…

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Embrace “First World Problems” and Get More Movement

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn I don’t know where you live, but here in Columbus, where the Mudlife Crisis family lives, it’s cold and snowy.  My wife, who’s originally from Texas, has accustomed herself to the cold to a point where she’s just happy to see temperatures in the positive column.…

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