Awesome and Terrible: Wim Hof Cold Shower Week #1

cold shower in river

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn A few days ago, I mentioned how I was going to start off on the Wim Hof program to adopt cold showers in my life.  The reasons for this are many, but until today I don’t think I really thought about the emotional reasons as well…

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Enter the Shrinkage: Dealing with Cold

polar bear plunge

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Unless you were on my swim team when I was growing up, something that most people don’t know about me is that I may be the world’s biggest cold-water wuss.  It’s true. Getting into the water when it’s anything but a tepid bath or warmer is…

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Shake Your Way to Stress Relief?

Shaking dog

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn When I was younger, I’ve mentioned before, I was a competitive swimmer. The competitive swimming world is a fairly small one, and you’d frequently find yourself swimming against a lot of the same people from meet to meet.  There was this one fellow that I remember…

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