Tracking All-Day Habits With Fitbit!

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn We’ve talked a lot about creating great habits and ways to keep your movement going throughout the day on this page, and by gum, we’re about to do it a bit more. And it’s all because of two habit-formation apps that I’ve come across lately.  Well,…

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More New OCR Racer Mistakes – Obstacles (Part 2)


Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Last Thursday, we talked about some of the basic endurance mistakes that folks who are new to obstacle course racing make. And let me tell you, overcoming that mistake is a big key to getting through a race more easily and with less pain. Enjoyment will…

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Shake Your Way to Stress Relief?

Shaking dog

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn When I was younger, I’ve mentioned before, I was a competitive swimmer. The competitive swimming world is a fairly small one, and you’d frequently find yourself swimming against a lot of the same people from meet to meet.  There was this one fellow that I remember…

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When Progress Sneaks Up On You

the sky is the limit

Facebook Twitter Google+ LinkedIn Progress is a tricky thing. Sometimes we can track it with numbers – race times, distance run, weight lifted, number of reps completed, etc.  And sometimes it’s more nebulous than that. When you’re a movement-based person like I am, who doesn’t so much “work out” as…

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